About Us

Welcome to ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms, a group of family owned and operated pecan farms in central and northeast Texas. ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms comprises three pecan farms, the largest of which is nestled between the prairie and the Red River in the northern part of Lamar County. Red River Orchard is approximately 80 acres and currently has over 500 mature trees, some of which are over 50 years old.

Red River Orchard was first planted in 1967 by a local family from Paris, Texas. The orchard originally had 134 trees, many of which were lost to a fire in the early years, but through grafting surviving trees and diligent greenhouse care of growing trees, the orchard was revived and expanded to its current size and variety. Red River Orchard has native Texas pecans plus over 7 distinct varieties including Desirable, GraKings, Barton, Mohawk, Choctaw, Cheyenne, Kiowa, and more.

In 2019, Red River Orchard was purchased by Tony Villalón and became part of ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms. Tony was born and raised in South Texas and owns two other pecan farms in Warren, Texas, less than 3 hours from Houston. Tony christened his pecan farms in honor of his two daughters, Christine and Ann.

As owner of ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms, Tony realizes both the economic and the environmental importance of Texas pecan farms: “[T]he pecan industry is economically important…, [but] the noncommensurable value of the trees is enormously greater. The trees provide oxygen, sequester carbon dioxide and buffer our personal environment against wind, rain, and sun” (1). With those ecosystem benefits in mind, Tony has grown the three pecan farms of ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms to over 4,000 total trees, including the 375 new Pawnee trees that went in the ground in Red River Orchard in 2020.

The environmental contribution of pecan farms like ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms in offsetting global warming is quite significant. The 4,000 trees of ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms help to eliminate the carbon dioxide produced by “roughly equivalent to 41,500 vehicles driving 15,000 miles per year” in the region (2). Tony believes that planting Texas pecans is a step in the right direction, and he and the rest of his family at ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms intend to continue growing their pecan farms with a commitment to producing high quality Texas pecans and pecan products and contributing to the importance of agriculture “in mitigating the effects of climate change” (1).

Tony has made many improvements since purchasing Red River Orchard, including installing a new irrigation system and purchasing a new tractor with different implements for planting and harvesting. Between the new irrigation and the large scale pruning and mowing, the orchard is healthier than it has been in years. Tony anticipates that the harvests will only continue to improve under the stewardship of ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms. Tony and his crew have worked to reduce the environmental impact of tree maintenance by switching to more organic fertilizers.

Perhaps one of the most important improvements is the installation of new shelling and processing equipment so that Red River Orchard is fully capable of bringing the pecans from the trees to your table. ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms plans to have a stall at the farmers market in Paris, Texas, beginning in May 2020. We will offer a variety of products including flavored pecans, shelled pecans, nut butters, pecan wood by rick and bundle, shelling and cracking services, and more. Come see and taste the difference of Texas pecans from ChrisyAnn Pecan Farms!